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24 Hour Prayer House

24 Hour Prayer House We are a 24 Hour Prayer house and have a God given vision to cover the Nation of the UK in corporate prayer.
By having 24 houses of prayer with 4 people to each house willing to pray 15 mins each day for the United Kingdom, for The church, the persecuted church,and Israel
\"Ask Of Me and I will Give you the Nations,\" says God. And with your help we will do just that.But not until we pray, for prayer will possition us to hear God. We are being stirred to take our place around the Nation to build a wall of intercessors willing to stand in the gap on behalf of this Nation. It is the responsibility of the church, it is the heartbeat of God that we connect with His heart for the people. Its about birthing Gods kingdom here in this Nation, and there is no better time than right now. Corporate prayer is vital, for we must see that without united prayer we cannot be focused on what God is saying. God is calling for His church to assemble in the place of corporate prayer, each person is unique and has a part to play. United we stand divided we fall. Its time to stand together in prayer, its time for change.
At Present we have a prayer house in its infancy in Warrington Cheshire, We have one in Manchester, One in Coventry, Wales and Scotland. to qualify to join us, you need to be Born again. There must be at least four people to a house to commit to 15 mins prayer a day for the Nation to be awakened to God, for the church to be awakened, and to pray for the many persecuted people in places like North Korea and beyond. We will come and show you the itinerary and keep you updated as to the needs most pressing for you to pray about.

North Korea

North Korea Why North Korea?
North Korea is officially the most persecuted people in the world. To Be a Christian is illegal and the penalty for following Christ is torture, persecution and many years in prison or in a concentration camp. Hitlar reined in Germany in the 2nd world war and was responsible for the annialation of over 6 million Jews, many people thought then and now how can this happen? and yet it is happening all over again in the nation of North Korea. People are starving to death by their thousands, many children die in the streets without the slightest remorse from the people around them.
We have a dvd presesentation that shows the story of destitution, of the rape of victims taking human rights away from any who would dare to believe in Jesus Christ. Yet many do just that.
Prison in North Korea is a cruel place where if found Christians a persecuted in the most inhumane way. Tortued and beaten for the faith many die of exhaustion having succomed to the beatings that result in the untimley death of these dear martyres of the faith.
Many escape over the border into China, but if caught face years in a prison camp, in conditions that are inhumane. Woman beaten and babies beaten at their birth as Christians incarcerated in prisons face the consequence of standing up for Christ. This is why we pray and send missionaries out to North Korea to support our brothers and sisters in this forgotten land.
We Pray for the church in North Korea.

The Church

The Church Jesus said. \"I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not preveilagaist it\"

We as born again believers have a responsibility to be the hands and feet that Jesus calls his body, The church is what Jesus died to give to us, He gave everything that we would be able by His grace to come up into a higher place where we can sit with Christ in heavenly places, far above all power that is used by the enemy. Jesus has given the church the rigth to use His name and all of heaven backs it up. If we are to see change we must come up to a higher place, Prayer is where we seek Gods will as we possition ourselves in prayer God will reveal to us how to pray and how to use the authority that Jesus has given to us. That His Kingdom would come on this earth, here in our own nation. Prayer is the place where we get the things that are in the way moved out of the way, and Prayer is the place where God reveals what we must declare in line with His purpose. His word which He watches over to perform it, Jesus is our great intercessor who prays for us, but we are his body his hands his feet, His voice, we declare his plan and his will as we pray. Corporate prayer is His body taking her possition and bringing her supply moving together severley as God wills, and by His Holy Spirit He enables us to pray out those plans according to the will of God, praying in the spirit, led by the spirit, moved into prayer as the spirit searches our hearts to prepare us possitionaly to act upon Gods word. Binding and loosing, removing the boulders and things in the way, clearing the obsticles out of the way to make a way for The kingdom of God to rule.

24 Prayer Houses

24 Prayer Houses Join Us.
Will you open your house and join us in praying for the Church, North Korea and the persecuted church, and the Nation, your Nation.
To cry out for the church to know and respond to her place as Gods representatives on this earth.
We are availiable to come to your church, as we do all around the Nation, to promote the vision If you would like further information you can look at our web sight nkandbeyond.com
or You can contact me via e.mail at the top of the page of telephone on 01925631819.
Together we can make a difference.

A Word for the Church

O let your river of life flow throughout this land once more
Father please forgive each one, and through our prayer restore.
That which is broken and lives that are lost,
My God in your mercy, please send us Pentecost.
The land is so dry in this Nation O father hear as we sigh.
And bolders obstruct our way ahead, O master hear our hearts cry.
For we are so desperate and empty Father our spirit is low
Please Father forgive and restore us please help your river to flow.
If we as your people have failed you Your grace has provided for me
The blood of my wonderful saviour, to forgive us and set us all free.
Let the love that you offer surround us and bring all the church to repent
And finally help us to find you your purpose at last our intent.
The reason the power you offer has suddenly stopped I believe
Is caused by the hurts that we harbour the wounds of mens words we wont leave
But when will we get understanding and see that the answer is clear
Just love and dont judge one another, forgive and walk free of all fear
The body must function entirley each part is unique in Gods plan
We must take the place God has placed us commited to do what we can
A guard must be placed on each member, an enemy wants us to fall
But let us commit to each other supporting embracing us all
Then will Gods Spirit be able to flow through this body at last
When all that is broken is fixed and Gods love flows through us at last.
Finally He`ll fill this temple in glory portraying His will.
The vision of hope for the future, a light to the nations will fill.