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Discipleship of Nations

Back to school

Christian meetings ‘old school’ style

Jesus said to the original twelve disciples, minus Judas,
Go ye and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you ( Matt 28: 19-20)

Please read the following statement made recently by a brother in the Lord Jesus who organises stacks of meetings and works flat out full-time for the Lord, with a heart for God and an overwhelming desire to reach people with the Truth of God’s Word:

\'I do not think that I have ever been discipled, I have attended churches and heard sermons and have attended Bible studies and listened and participated in readings from the Bible and been told what the Bible is saying and what it means, but I am not sure if I have been discipled.\'

Now, let’s look again at what Jesus said to the eleven:

He says that they are to teach ALL THINGS which He commands them, and this includes teaching others how to make disciples in turn, and for those to then teach others to teach others to teach others to teach others….. ad infinitum!

I have been concerned about the ‘deck chair’ mentality among Christians here in Britain where we have meetings with perfectly good preachers and teachers, all blessing the flocks, and teaching us how to be like Jesus…..except when it comes to actually making disciples make disciples make disciples… which is, after all, the mandate from heaven which we must obey at all costs.

Discipleship programs

My name is Adrian Stuart Greenslade. I shall be running courses at my home in Burtonwood, starting in September. The lessons differ fundamentally from midweek bible studies run by local churches because, in addition to teaching practical doctrine, they include training for those being discipled that God will raise up these brothers and sisters in turn to run similar courses from their own homes, and so on, and so on.... thus fulfilling the command of our Lord Jesus Christ that we make disciples out of all nations.
There is no cost, only a requirement of commitment from those who enrol. The programs are intensive, employing strict discipline, yet flexible enough to allow each to go at their own pace, and complete in their own time.
Although I have been involved in various preaching ministries internationally for the past twenty years, it is only during this last year that God has steered me along this path, revealing, little by little, what is required: having been impressed by programs initiated and influencing revival in China, God has now visited and made known to me His will and provision to undertake this task in Jesus which I believe is a pattern to be incorporated in revival churches in Britain.
Rapid expansion and maximisation of resources for discipleship classes in up to 10,000 Christian homes between the next 2 to 5 years, shall be tempered and overseen by constructive networking, interlocking plug-in conferencing both live and recorded in video, together with actual events (larger meetings including once monthly and bi-monthly \'weekend make ways’ , plus week long Spring/Autumn conferences).
This is a work in progress. It is a process. When I, personally have completed my task in this country, I shall enjoy the challenge of establishing the pattern in various other nations as God directs.

Course overview

Course 1: \'Christian Definitions\' : 6 lessons, 1 hour each, including what is a Christian, who is God, the nature of evil, life and death and resurrection, trust and obey, power and authority.

Course 2: \'Church of God\' : 6 lessons, 1 hour each, including body of Christ, ministries, structures and models, maximising resources, opposition and persecution, Church and State.

Course 3 : \'God\'s plan through History\' : 6 lessons, 2 hours each, including beginnings, new beginnings, building on the foundation, times of the Gentiles, King of Kings, Gospel age.

Courses start 3rd September 2012 in Burtonwood, Warrington. Each course is 1 lesson per week, plus 1 hour homework ( 2 hours for course 3). Plus, there is a 1 hour Seminar after 3 weeks, and a 1 hour exam after 6 weeks, and a last meeting for results and discussion.

Initial Courses are thus completed by half-term of normal school year ( end of Oct ), a period of 8 weeks, or 2 months.
All 3 Courses run again from November till new year, plus

Course 4 : \'Practicalities of Discipleship\' : 6 lessons, 1 hour each, including starting point, all the world\'s a stage, your mission, disciplines, extending the vision, coming home.

All 4 Courses continue next year, with the addition of provision for those called by God to start their meetings in their own homes, where I shall attend initially for support and guidance, but you will be running the meeting (in the Lord)!

Also, weekend makeways will kick in when 6 people/couples are running courses. First conference should be end of Oct, 2013.

Thankyou for your consideration. If you are interested in discussing course options for you, you must speak with me and I shall give you more details of the lessons and structure for each course, and answer your questions. Drop me a line on here by sending a message after visiting my member page.