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June Ritchie


Mulberry Trees\' Ministries
One of my ministries is that of seasonal evangelistic poetry that I offer to churches to pass out during the holiday seasons they are given out as a gift to those who will accept them and in the back cover contain the sinners prayer. which of course is to be freely used as they see fit. This ministry of evangelising has been duly established since 1994. I invite churches and disciples to take advantage of my offer without charge though they can feel free to donate if they wish to. Christmas and Easter is the time to contact me for this type of ministry.


For those who are interested and love their bible studies I have written a good number of bible study books. regarding the walk of a disciple within the world today and supported by Christian stories from the bible itself exhortationa and explanation and descriptions of life for people like King David and the Apostle Paul.
A book list can be obtained by sending an email to my address.
Once again I stress this is a service and a faith ministry there is no price fixing on these books they are sent freely and dontations are at one\'s own discretion or choice.


As well as the books advertised above I ventured into a new field with a book of Modern day proverbs which are solely regarding help on a disciple\'s walk. These are also offered in booklet form.

In addition to these I have created a Prophetic booklet for help and encouragement also guidance and comfort. All these can be obtained by contacting the author giving just a few days for delivery purposes.
I don\'t charge postage but it would be kind if folks would keep postal costs in mind. All these things are done by faith in a providing God. If you are interested please contact me.