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BWYCBiC ~ Teaching

Release your full potential for Christ

Michael & Julie deliver a teaching programme called Be Who You Can Be in Christ this is a liberating and practical scripture based training, aimed at releasing your latent potential and unique signature sound.

“Each of us have a unique calling and specific gifts. Many of us have past memories or sounds that hinder the release of our calling and gifting. These equipping weekends will help you engage with who you are and how to activate your unique signature sound, how to make an impact on the world around you and liberate you from mind sets that have held you back from the destiny that God has for you and you alone”.

Delivery two possible options:

1. If your church is within 20 miles of our base in Wolverhampton this programme can be delivered in your church

2. Delivered as a equipping weekend i.e. Friday evening and Saturday

Please contact us to discuss.

When Your Partner Doesn\'t Know Jesus

When Your Partner Doesn\'t Know Jesus

\'A true story of how an unsaved husband came to know the Lord.\'

Julie Allen sensitively explores an issue that many believers are facing: coping with life as a Christian with an unsaved partner and praying that they will also come to faith.

Forward by~ Gill Gifford ~ Cutting Edge Ministries

This book could be your key to victory. If you are standing in faith for your husband, family member or loved one to be saved, then this is a book you must read!! Julie speaks personally and openly about the dark and hopeless times in her own journey, but you will find she lights the pathway so that you too can come through to celebrate salvation. Although it is almost 30 years ago for me personally, I still remember the tears and pain of longing to be ONE with your loved one. If only there had been this book then, maybe it wouldn’t have taken so long! This book is not only a shining light of testimony, but is based on Kingdom Living in the Word of God; Julie uses the Word to show you HOW to apply The Word to bring change in each particular situation. My husband and I love, honour and respect Mick and Julie, and are thrilled to see the work of The Holy Spirit and Grace in their lives. I thoroughly recommend this book and dare to say you won’t be able to put it down….so read it, do it and pass it on to others!!

Dr Wynne Goss ~ Wynne Goss Ministries

\"Whilst pastoring a Church in Ireland I was given a copy of Julie\'s book which I promptly lent to a lady in our church that was having a difficult time with being married to a husband who was not a Christian. Her response within hours of reading the book was \"this person knows what I am going through, knows how I am thinking & feeling & it has been such an encouragement to me personally.\" Of course I was delighted to hear the encouraging news & requested the book back so I could have it on my shelf in case it would help others in the future. \"Oh you can\'t have it back\" came her embarrassed reply, I have passed it onto a friend & she\'s saying the same thing.

I never did get Julie\'s book back onto my shelf as it continues to this day to be passed from home to home encouraging others through Julie\'s pouring out her own testimony in the pages. The same thing happens each time I gain a new copy!

It is a terrific book obviously touched by God\'s very own special Grace & I highly recommend it to you.\"