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Nick and Cath Stirling

Nick and Cath Stirling

Nick and Cath Stirling, Evangelism, teaching and music ministry

Nick and Cath Stirling, Evangelism, teaching and music ministry We are an outreach from The Upper Room Christian Fellowship Bowdon Road, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA14 2AJ


Evangelism We are involved in Evangelism at the Upper Room in Altrincham,and we also travel around to other churches encouraging the people of God. Recently we have had the great opportunity of broadcasting three series of programmes on Trans World Radio involving both teaching and evangelism.


Teaching We believe there is a great need in the church today for sound teaching and for a return to the simplicity of the gospel message,and for God\'s people to focus once again upon the Person of Christ.

You can find our blog \"Words of Spirit and Life\" at

Music ministry

Music ministry Music is a wonderful gift from God to the church. We love to lead praise and worship and we also have found music to be a powerful tool in intercession and in evangelism.

You can download some of our music for free at