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by Alex Ross

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New Web Radio station
DATE/TIME: 19 December 2015 0:00 LOCATION: Accrington
Website: http://life-radio.org
Email: liferadio@hotmail.co.uk
Contact Name: Alex Ross
Contact Telephone: 01254 383148
Please ignore the date set!
Here is an opportunity for you to record some audio material and send it to me to be aired on our new channel (say as MP3 files?).
I have stepped out onto the water here and beg the Lord of the Harvest to send labourers (already seeing this PTL)!
No I am not desperate but I have taken on a job that is bigger than me.
I intend to enjoy this ministry though and so should you if you take part. You are invited to the feast!
The station is still in design and should be finished by say 29 July 2012 although I need to accumulate content to provide continuous streaming. The basic design is online now though and being designed by a very successful company. So if you have ideas to start your own weekly program just let me know.
Thanks Alex